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Walking Papers

Hostage Life

The radio and video play this record accomplished put this band in a place they never asked and probably never wanted to be. It was a special time though. And this record is still incredible. Smart, catchy, well composed, diverse, intelligent, and straight up ball busting.

01. We Will Make You Crawl
02. Sons Of Hostage Life
03. This Song Was Written By A Committee
04. Hostage Life's Legally Distinct Cola Commercial
05. The Last Superman
06. Securing My Seat
07. How To Die With A Smile
08. The Quietest Mutiny
09. Hostage Life Are Fucking Alive And Well
10. Fuck, I Hope You're Not Pregnant
11. Of Shotguns And Pleasure Wands
12. Carbon Heart Radio
13. When I Get Cancer
14. Hell Awaits Hostage Life.