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Marilyn’s Vitamins

Thanks to CIUTs radio show ‘mods and rockers’ these songs were a staple in late 90s canadian punk rock. If you ever saw this band or listened any of their records that came out on the now defunct Toronto punk label Raw Energy then you understand why this anthology was so special for us to release.

01. Intro / Funeral For A Living Friend
02. 35 Burnout
03. Kids Need Guns
04. Scapegoat
05. How To Debate A Nationalist And Win
06. The Rapist In Me
07. I Got No
08. Pension Watch
09. Ollie
10. It's Good To Be Here
11. Randall Terry's Mother Should Have Had An Abortion
12. Ernst Zundel, Voltaire, and Me
13. Falling Through The Cracks
14. The Executions Of May 16th, 1998
15. The Day They Cancelled Baywatch
16.Squeegee Girl
17. 100 Bodies
18. I Consume, Therefore I Am
19. The Turnaround
20. One For The Road (A Boy And His Chemical Dependency)
21. Band Du Jour
22. Tear It Down