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Shake Your Body Politic

Bombs Over Providence

This record was highly anticipated by many to only be met by the bands immediate breakup. It was a sad end for a great band. The effort and talent in this record shines to this day, and like always the lyrics and messaging reflect Adam Cook’s great talent, ideas, and offerings perfectly.

1. The Grand Preamble (Annie Get Your Gun, Mask, Ductape, And Some Matches)
2. What I Destroyed On My Summer Vacation
3. The Starving Artist Weight-Loss Program Works... To Varying Degree... Somethetimes
4. Anybody Remember John Enis, Chair Of The Board Of Tourism For Bad Sex, Ont.?
5. And The Award For Best Post-Coital Hug Goes To...
6. Zombie Cheerleader Slumber Party Massacre
7. May Cruise Missile Diplomacy Keep Us Truthful, Good, And Mild
8. Broken Records
9. A Vision After The Sermon: Jacob Wrestling With The Junior Boys Soccer Team
10. Cobra Constant Committee Bake Sale
11. Pink Slip +1:30% Resistance To Your Daughter's New Pony
12. Dig Them Up And Try To Reason With Them
13. Class Aptitude Test Results Are In, And It's Martyr or Matador For Everybody!