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Closet Monster Killed The Radio Star

Killed The Radio Star

Closet Monster

Two months were spent in a basement making chewbacca sounds to hide underneath a couple songs and about 127 pizza’s were ordered from free topping pizza. Completely recorded on analog gear and in 14 hour stints at a time… this record may not sound like it, but it’s a masterpiece for its time and place within those involved’s hearts.

01. Battle Cry For A Better World
02. Corporate Media Death Squad
03. The Great Mall Explosion
04. Sexism Is Real: Wrestling Is Not
05. Corporate Media Death Squad
06. Romanticism And The Fat Man
07. Yes, This Is A Guilt Trip
08. The Anti-Racist Sing-A-Long
09. Smells Like Revolutionary Spirit
10. Playground
11. Melody's Song
12. Plummet Of The Americas