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Coles Notes From The Underground

Various Artists

The first CD released by Underground Operations was a collective effort. Two tracks by each of the bands- some of which were only ever released on this album. Colin Lichti, the singer of Marlins Vitamins, inked and scanned all of the components of this record’s art piece by piece. The soundclips on here are pretty rad, and the Bombs Over Providence tracks still had Eric from Moneen on them… which make them treasures in themselves.

01. Bombs Over Providence - All The Good Guys Are Dead And I'm Twisting My Moustache
02. Protest The Hero - Break The Chain
03. Marilyn's Vitamins - One For The Road (A Boy And His Chemical Dependency)
04. Closet Monster - Smells Like Revolutionary Spirit
05. Bombs Over Providence - The 18th Brumaire Of Boomer Ellsworth
06. Marilyn's Vitamins - The Executions Of May 16th, 1998
07. Closet Monster - When Justice Finally Shines
08. Protest The Hero - Asperity Of Sin