Bombs Over Providence

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Brampton, Ontario’s Bombs Over Providence were great. The perfect mix of catchy pop-punk, smart lyrics, and Japanese porn sound clips. Their time came to an end far to early, but maybe thats what makes the idea of their career so perfect.

Hostage Life

Hostage Life

Hostage Life formed in Toronto in 2002 and released their first two albums, Sing For The Enemy and Walking Papers, with us at Underground Operations . They recorded an additional two records before breaking up in 2009.

Marilyn’s Vitamins

As you listen to these songs, close your eyes and imagine quitting your job and spending nights, weekends and summers with your best friends, travelling to places you’ve never heard of with the outside world completely ignoring you. Through all the pseudo-struggles and hardships associated with wasting your early adulthood years away in a broke and go-nowhere rock’n’roll band, imagine the indescribably feelings created from witnessing fists raised high and ideals screamed back in your face with as much passion and intensity as you used to create the music which brought it all together in the first place.


Closet Monster

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Closet Monster formed in 1997, released a bunch of records, and underwent a handful of lineup changes before disbanding in December 2005. They will release a vinyl compilation entitled “Suicide Note” in 2016 and possibly, just maybe, play for fun one or two more times.

Protest The Hero


We signed Whitby, Ontario’s Protest The Hero when they were wee lads and released a bunch of staple records along side their pubescent curve.  Together we did some pretty cool stuff over the years.