Kathleen Turner Overdrive

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Cobourg, Ontario’s Kathleen Turner Overdrive formed in 2007 and released 1 great balls to the wall EP, “Marauders! Wolves! Scavengers! Party!”. Then they broke up.


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We signed Regina, Saskatchewan’s Means in 2008, released “To Keep Me From Sinking”, and then later that year they broke up. Now Matt cures our morning hangovers with his sweet, sweet folk songs as “Northcote”.



We released Lights’ first EP after seeing her play her first couple shows at the Drake in 2008. The rest is history.

Chad Michael Stewart

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Chad Michael Stewart’s solo effort after his stint as duo ‘Machete Avenue’ was short lived but extremely rich in emotion and depth. After his debut record he disappeared for a while.

These Silhouettes

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We signed Cobourg’s These Silhouettes and released their debut EP “The Thomas EP” in 2007. We have a full length that they recorded before they called it a day somewhere in the UO archives. Recently they did a reunion show somewhere in Toronto.

The Holly Springs Disaster

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Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan’s The Holly Springs Disaster formed in 2006, released the banger of an album “Motion Sickness Love” in 2007, and broke up and broke our hearts a few years later.

I Hate Sally

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I Hate Sally formed in Kingston, Ontario in 2000. We released the grime covered masterpiece “Don’t Worry Lady” and a split with Quebec staple GFK, before I Hate Sally decided to call it a day in 2008. DWL was our Favorite heavy record we ever had the honor of releasing.

Machete Avenue

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Machete Avenue are a piano/guitar duo resurrected from the ashes of a dying screamo/style-core scene in London, Ontario, Canada. Their honesty and sincerity brought back what was most important to those that have ruined or forgotten it: the music.

The Brat Attack

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Winnipeg’s The Brat Attack formed in 1999 and released “From This Beauty Comes Chaos and Mayhem” with us in 2005. Through countless member changes and all kinds of controversy, we are unsure if they are still a band today.

Dead Letter Dept.

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Toronto’s Dead Letter Dept. (formerly known as The Stiffs) had always been the most honest and forthright dudes in Toronto. Their time was brief but wonderfully filled with integrity and artistry seldom found in current times.