Heart Attack Kids


Heart Attack Kids are a grungy two-piece from London, Ontario. Building on the success of their 2014 EP, the band is preparing to release their first full length, No Future, in 2016.



Diemonds takes no prisoners. Formed in 2006, the band has three releases under their belt including their most recent, Never Wanna Die.

Rob Moir


Rob Moir magically illustrates his life’s journey through music. His latest full length, The Adventure Handbook was released in 2015.



Skynet formed in 2012 from the ashes of their own heavy music scene in Hamilton, Ontario. They released “The Wild” in 2013. Then they got into a van accident and we never heard from them again.

Hands & Teeth


Hands & Teeth formed in 2010 and contributed respectably to the Toronto indie pop scene until they broke up in 2014… the records they left behind are beauties.

Abandon All Ships

AAS Banner

Abandon All Ships started in 2006 and put out their first official full length “Geeving” in 2010. Two albums, tons of touring, and many member changes later the boys called it quits. They have recently reformed with the original lineup.


DVBBS Banner

DVBBS started as a ska band from Orangeville, Ontario who were relentless in our Facebook messages. Eventually we signed them and they shit out some catchy EDM tunes they didn’t even write… the amount of sadness our hearts are filled with by the people they proved themselves during their climb up the mountain is worthy of no more mention ever again. Im surprised they are actually on our website still. hah.


Kingdoms Banner

We signed Kitchener, Ontario’s Kingdoms in the summer of 2009 and re-released their first EP “Daughters Of Atlas” later that year. Then they broke up in 2011.

The Artist Life

Artist Life

Featuring the former members of a grocery list of defining bands from Southern Ontario’s fertile rock ‘n’ roll grounds, Burlington, Ontario’s The Artist Life crunched out 3 releases full of catchy pop-punk numbers, before packing it in, in 2012.


Aspirations Banner

“We sample shit….play bass and guitar over it…then yell a lot.” describes Vancouver’s Aspirations pretty well. We are proud to have released “EP!” in 2008. Stu is still hanging around and creating sweet beats on the West coast to this day.